Meet Arrowhead Herbs

We introduce you “Arrowhead Herbs ” an Egyptian Company that has started up a company for exporting all kinds of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried Medical herbs, spices, seeds, and some dehydrated vegetables to all the countries .

Before” Arrowhead Herbs” had been established we have been working as a supplier for all kinds of organic and non-organic dried seeds and herbs from our own farms in El-Fayoum city “Egypt” for most of the big companies in this field in the country.

We guarantee the quality of our products step by step through the entire process of production.


  • Become the frontrunner of the industry by providing unbeatable products that stand for fine taste, great quality, and desirable price.
  • Create a long-lasting and sustainable competitive advantage for all our associates.


  • Serve finest quality products and become an epitome of unprecedented client service.
  • Keep on adapting the latest technologies to keep our production line updated always.
  • Help our employees optimize their productivity quotient.


Our values frame the core strength of our organization. We believe in…
  • Focus on the goal. Work with determination.
  • Maintain safety and hygiene at all cost.
  • Work with complete integrity.
  • Consistency is the key.

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