Chamomile Flower Tea (Best 7 benefits)

Chamomile Flower Tea

Chamomile flower is one of the most famous plants all_over the world since ancient Egypt’s time. It belongs to the family plant, called Asteraceae / Compositae family.

The chamomile flower is known broadly because of its positive effects on the general health of humans. Flower effects made the scientists interested in it.

Many scientists discovered the benefits of chamomile flowers and noted them in their studies.

Each part of the chamomile flower has at least one health benefit and usage in the real world.

In traditional medicine, the Chamomile has many uses. For example;  use dried chamomile as tea.

Chamomile has many applications related to the medical field. One of the applications is in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Chamomile tea:

In the past, people made powder from dried chamomile flower. They used to use it as a hot drink to treat some diseases.

Nowadays, Chamomile flower tea has become one of the most popular drinks. Chamomile tea is available almost on every shelf in many countries. People are consuming millions of cups daily.

It is easy to prepare your cup. Put the average amount of chamomile powder inside your cup. Then, add hot water and wait for a few minutes. Infuse it, then enjoy drinking your chamomile tea.

Benefits of chamomile flower tea:

People use and recommend chamomile tea as traditional medicine. Consuming at least a cup of Chamomile tea will help you to have a better quality of your life by:

1. Relieving your common cold’s symptoms:

The common cold is a viral infection, which affects the upper respiratory tract.  Symptoms of the common cold usually include headache, mild fever, bone aches, and runny nose. It causes diseases like Pneumonia.

Studies showed that drinking chamomile tea will relieve these symptoms and make you feel better. Besides, the chamomile flower will help you enhance your immunity and to fight against different microbes.

2. Getting better sleep:

Chamomile flower contains apigenin, one of the flavonoids components. Apigenin has strong sedation and a relaxing effect.

Many people who consumed chamomile tea for a long time recommended it as a sleep inducer.

Also, the researchers studied the effect of chamomile tea on cardiac patients. Researchers noted that their patients fill into a deep sleep lasting for 90 minutes after drinking a cup of chamomile tea.

3. Reducing the inflammation:

Inflammation is the reaction of the immune system against the infection.

Studies explained the cause by containing 1-2% of many volatile oils and flavonoids. Flavonoids and volatile oils have properties of reducing the inflammation in your body.

4. Improving your kids’ complaints (colic and diarrhea):

Researchers studied 68 colicky infants who drank  150 ml of chamomile flower for seven days. The parents reviewed that tea relieved their kids’ colic without changes in their nighttime awakenings.

There was research that studied the effect of chamomile on children who suffered from acute diarrhea.

The result showed diarrhea ended sooner in children who consumed chamomile tea.

5. Getting a healthy heart:

Regular consumption of chamomile flower tea equals Regular consumption of flavonoids.

Scientists studied the effect of chamomile on men aged 65-84 years old for five years.  It reported that flavonoids decrease the risk of death in elderly cardiac men who have coronary heart disease.

Another study showed mild improvement in the cardiac condition of the volunteers just after 30 minutes of their drinking their cups of chamomile tea.

6. Saving you from effects of high blood sugar:

Consuming a cup of Chamomile tea with meals every day will protect your body from complications of Diabetes or improve it.

Scientists found that blood sugar levels decreased after 15 to 30 minutes of drinking Chamomile flower tea. They witnessed liver glycogen levels increase three weeks later.

7. Promoting your immune system:

Drinking 5 cups of Chamomile flower tea for two weeks will increase the antibacterial properties in your body.

Another study concluded the ability of the eliminate bacteria, called Helicobacter pylori, from the stomach and protect the patients from a stomach ulcer.

Chamomile flower tea: is it safe for women?

Women who suffered from primary amenorrhea (menstruation symptoms) reported less pain, anxiety, and anxiety after drinking 2 cups of Chamomile flower tea safely per day than the other women.

Chamomile flower tea: is it safe for pregnant women?

Although Chamomile flower tea has many benefits, including calming and relaxing properties, doctors preferred not to use any tea or herbs during pregnancy.

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