* Arrowhead Herbs Company Bio Steam and Sterilization

The requirements of sterilization in the food industry are more and more demanding so arrowhead herbs company offers many kinds of sterilization for our valuable customers using different kinds of gas for Conventional and Organic final product such as : P.P.O, E.T.O, C.O.2, E.S.T


An advanced, reliable sterilization system. Bio steam is still the only machine of its type in Italy, and is the only one which can guarantee a real and drastic reduction in pathogens, mould and spores in dried agro industrial products.

The dry steam sterilization system represents the best in the sector’s technology. Produced in Switzerland by Biosteam, it was designed to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and its flexibility and precision make it an ideal instrument for the agro-industrial sector.


We deal with Biosteam Sterilization Unit is located in a dedicated factory in Abu Rawash.

The new company location, being on the main road between Cairo and Alexandria, is ideal for both receipt of raw materials and for fast, efficient delivery of containers to the port of Alexandria. This building has been constructed exclusively to accommodate the Biosteam sterilization unit with separate areas for raw materials and sterilized products.

Biosteam is the only full operative steam sterilization plant in Egypt.

Arrowhead Herbs company
hopes to provide the best Egyptian sterilization for its herbs, spices and seeds products.


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