Семена аниса (имеет более десяти преимуществ)

anise seed

Anise Seed are the seeds of the plant, called Pimpinella anisum. seeds Anise or Anise belong to the family plant, called Pimpinella anisum.

Anise are one of the oldest plants in the region of the Middle East and the Mediterranean in a wide_way.

People in these areas used anise as a part of their traditional medication for thousands of years.

The Mediterranean people use anise seeds in the body of hot drinks, tea, oil, and cream to help naturally treat some diseases or symptoms.

What are the ten benefits achieved by anise seed?

1. anise seed  Make you strong:

Anise seed contain compounds that are rich in iron and manganese.

Iron is essential for the red cell production in your blood, which carries oxygen to all your vital organs. Manganese is necessary for your metabolism and has antioxidants effects.

Having a cup of Anise regularly can help your body to be strong.

2. Boost your immunity:

Studies have found that drinking anise activates your immune system against microbes, So whether viral or bacterial.

Anise seed have antioxidants compounds. Antioxidant compounds help your body get rid of the free radicals which load your immune system.

Both properties make Anise the best choice if you want to boost your immunity.

3. Relieve your inflammations:

Anise seeds may contain active ingredients and anti-inflammatory compounds.

These compounds in anise have relaxing and soothing properties that can relieve the inflammation in some diseases but, such as arthritis and gout.

4. Stabilize your mood:

Studies found that consumption of anise in the form of hot drinks or anise tea relieves decreasing the severity of depression in women who are suffering from post-partum depression.

Another study showed anise seeds have anti-depressant effects and stabilize the mood So, especially in mild to moderate cases.

5. No fungi, No bacteria:

The anise seeds contain can an active gradient, which is called Anethole.

Studies found that seeds help to inhibit bacterial growth, specifically cholera. Cholera is an infectious disease that causes complaints, like diarrhea and dehydration.

Other studies on Anise essential oil found its beneficial effect in treating dermatophytes. Dermatophyte is a fungal infection that affects the skin and can be improved using anise seeds oil.

6. Anise seed stop your suffering from menopause:

Menopause is a period estrogen levels will decrease in the woman’s body because of aging.

Women who suffer from menopause have common complaints, like hot flushes and dry skin.

In a study, the women who took around 330 mg of anise seeds in form capsules three times per day reported about 75% less in the severity of their complaints of hot flushes.

Researchers explained that the anise have an estrogen-like effect.

7. Protect your bone from aging:

Another benefit of anise seed for the elderly, specifically women, is the protection of their bones.

With aging, many hormonal changes will occur and may affect the bone leading to the development of osteoporosis.

Many studies reported that anise seeds help reduce bone density and protect against osteoporosis.

Nutritional scientists explained that the anise seeds have an estrogen-like effect. It contains the inactive gradient, which is called Anethole.

One teaspoon or seven grams of anise seed contain calcium which equals 4% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI), Magnesium equals 3% of the RDI, and Phosphorus equals 3% of the RD.

8. Help your digestion:

Little research noted that consumption of a cup of anise seed daily for four weeks help in relieving:

stomach discomfort, stomach pain, and abdominal distension after eating or irritable bowel syndrome.

9. Anise helps treat your asthma:

Early research reports that consuming one cup of Anise relieves coughing and improves sleep discomfort in people with allergic asthma.

10. being in your sweets:

  • Anise seed characterizes by its sweet and aromatic test, like black licorice.
  • For that reason, anise seeds are in many food products, for example, gelatins, So candies, and dairy products.
  • Some chefs prefer using anise seeds in their recipes for its lovely taste and natural benefits.
  • Also, you can see anise seed in the So products of breath fresheners for the same property.

The Egyptian favorite spice blend is Dukkah, which combines coriander, cumin, fennel or anise seed, and sometimes other nuts and sesame seeds for a dynamic spice blend that you’ll want to sprinkle on every food.

How to buy anise seeds?

You can easily click here (anise) and go to our store and determine the weight you need, and you can also communicate with us through our official mail; We ship to you wherever you are around the world! ; Greetings from Egypt, here are the best types of Egyptian anise seeds

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