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Meet Arrowhead Herbs

Allow us to introduce Arrowhead Herbs, an Egyptian company dedicated to exporting a diverse range of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried medicinal herbs, spices, seeds, and dehydrated vegetables to countries worldwide.

Prior to the establishment of Arrowhead Herbs, we served as suppliers of organic and non-organic dried seeds and herbs sourced from our own farms in El-Fayoum city, Egypt, catering to major companies within the industry throughout the country.

We take pride in ensuring the quality of our products at every stage of the production process.

Best solution for you

To elevate your own spice brand, it’s crucial to make your product stand out! Success hinges on meeting the needs of your customers effectively. Arrowhead Herbs addresses a significant customer concern: packaging. We specialize in designing custom packaging solutions tailored to your preferences.

Whether it’s Doypack, Kraft Doypack, Gelatin, PET, Sack, Bucket, or Glass Jar packing, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to ensure your product not only satisfies but exceeds expectations.

Quality Control

Trusting is good but controling them is better.

Every products of Arrowhead Herbs establishes norms for certifying the basis for the spice product.

Quality is not just the quality of product for us. It is the integration of quality, especially in production, processing and service, into all workflows and organizational units in the company. 

We always choose the best quality of every product. We supply products conforming to the EU directive, which are analyzed and examined by the Ministry of Health in Hamburg.


We have solved the shipping section, which is the latest stage of product supply, with our wide filament.

Our company aims to send its products in the fastest way by land transport, maritime transport or air transport in accordance with the request of our customers.

With our professional logistics staff, we are able to handle the procedures in the easiest way, and the troubles that may arise in transport are reduced to zero..

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Expertise and Tradition

Drawing from decades of industry expertise, rooted in a rich tradition dating back to 1960.

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Explore a diverse world of flavors with our wide range of premium dried herbs sourced from across the globe.

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Count on us as your reliable partner, with a solid reputation earned since our debut in the export market in 1997.

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Experience service that transcends boundaries – where your satisfaction is our priority and quality is our unwavering commitment.

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At our core, we prioritize building partnerships founded on mutual benefits. Our commitment is unwavering—we never falter in our dedication to ensuring your satisfaction.


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