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To make your own spice brand to the fore, make your product unique! One of the most influential factors in success is achieved by satisfying the needs of customers. Arrowhead Herbs solves the packaging problem, which is one of the most demanding for customers. It designs the packaging according to the customer's request and packages it is with the desired form. (Doypack packing, kraft doypack packing, doypack gelatin packing, gelatin packing, pet packing, sack packing, bucket packing, glass jar packing etc.) .

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About Arrowhead Herbs

We introduce you "Arrowhead Herbs " an Egyptian Company that has started up a company for exporting all kinds of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried Medical herbs, spices, seeds, and some dehydrated vegetables to all the countries .

Before" Arrowhead Herbs" had been established we have been working as a supplier for all kinds of organic and non-organic dried seeds and herbs from our own farms in El-Fayoum city "Egypt" for most of the big companies in this field in the country.

We guarantee the quality of our products step by step through the entire process of production.


Trusting is good but controling them is better.

Every products of Arrowhead Herbs establishes norms for certifying the basis for the spice product. To produce high quality spices, spice mixtures and active ingredients for the food industry, a well-thought-out effective HACCP and food safety concept must be implemented. Quality is not just the quality of product for us. It is the integration of quality, especially in production, processing and service, into all workflows and organizational units in the company. Arrowhead Herbs Spice does not allow the products to the table without controling the quality of every product it produces.

We always choose the best quality of every product. We supply products conforming to the EU directive, which are analyzed and examined by the Ministry of Health in Hamburg.


We have solved the shipping section, which is the latest stage of product supply, with our wide filament.

Our company aims to send its products in the fastest way by land transport, maritime transport or air transport in accordance with the request of our customers.

With our professional logistics staff, we are able to handle the procedures in the easiest way, and the troubles that may arise in transport are reduced to zero..

Our Products

Table of Products

Herbs Spices Seeds Others
Basil chili Anise Seeds Dates
Marjoram Coriander Leaves Black Eye Bean Garlic
Chamomile Dill Caraway Seeds Henna
Lemon Calendula Flowers / Marigold Coriander Seeds Onion
Peppermint Molokhia Cumin Seeds Varbascum
Spearmint Parsley Fennel Seeds Dried Garlic
 Hibiscus Rosemary Fenugreek Dried Onion
  Senna Green Bean
  Thyme Nigella Seeds

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