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Trusting is good but controling them is better.

Every products of Arrowhead Herbs establishes norms for certifying the basis for the spice product. To produce high quality spices, spice mixtures and active ingredients for the food industry, a well-thought-out effective HACCP and food safety concept must be implemented. Quality is not just the quality of product for us. It is the integration of quality, especially in production, processing and service, into all workflows and organizational units in the company. Arrowhead Herbs Spice does not allow the products to the table without controling the quality of every product it produces.

We always choose the best quality of every product. We supply products conforming to the EU directive, which are analyzed and examined by the Ministry of Health in Hamburg.


We have solved the shipping section, which is the latest stage of product supply, with our wide filament.

Our company aims to send its products in the fastest way by land transport, maritime transport or air transport in accordance with the request of our customers.

With our professional logistics staff, we are able to handle the procedures in the easiest way, and the troubles that may arise in transport are reduced to zero..

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