about hibiscus flower l uses of hibiscus flowers

about hibiscus flower l uses of hibiscus flowers

hibiscus flowers one of the most beautiful flowers. You may not believe it, but tea prepared from hibiscus is actually pretty famous. Like many other teas and flowers,

hibiscus is known to be very healthy for the body.

uses of hibiscus flowers l hibiscus flowers used

Hibiscus tea helps in decreasing the intensity of or obtaining eliminate hot flashes. bear in mind that if you’ve got frequent fever episodes,

mallow is extremely useful because it cools down the body. vitamin C and Antioxidants in mallow:

Hibiscus tea has high amounts of antioxidants. as a result of the high amounts of antioxidants, it greatly lowers pressure level, reduces cholesterol levels and additionally decreases the probabilities of developing heart disorders

hibiscus flowers season l best time to plant hibiscus

flower is grown from April to may

hibiscus flowers season

the season of hibiscus flower starts in Egypt from may

how to dry hibiscus flowers

Dip hibiscus flowers in water to remove insects and dust, dip each flower and wash it with water individually. Be sure to open the petal and the flower parts while washing the flower with water to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Dry the clean flowers of water with a cotton cloth.

Place the dried flowers of water separately from each other on a perforated tray to allow air to enter from all sides. Leave the drying tray under sunlight for more than three days until it is completely dry.

Insert the drying tray at night to prevent dew formation and moisture. Monitor the dryness of the flowers once or twice a day and turn them to dry from all sides until the flowers shrink and dry completely

where can I buy hibiscus flowers l where to find hibiscus flowers


you can buy hibiscus flower and hibiscus tea online through emails us

best companion plants for hibiscus

arrowhead herbs is one of the best companies buys hibiscus Certified by their customers

how long does it take to dry hibiscus flowers

Drying hibiscus takes about 3 to 4 days by direct sunlight

how to use hibiscus flowers

Roselle has many uses, such as a warm drink, food, and hair dye


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